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The First and Only Scientifically
Proven Study Process for
Success in Law School
For All Law Students, at
Every Law School, Taking
Any Law School Course.
Based on the book, Nine Steps to Law School
Success: A Scientifically Proven Study Process for
Success in Law School
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That Feeling When You
Dominate the Study Process
and Succeed in Law School
Learn How We Help You Succeed in Law School
Law School Success
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Scientifically Proven
Nine-Step Study Process
What You Need in Law School
  • You Need a Study Process Backed by Science,
    Not Someone’s Opinion

    One person’s opinion on how to study won’t work for every law student. Our system is based on a qualitative phenomenological study exploring the lived experiences of successful law students flourishing in law school. We’re not giving you our opinion of how to study, we’re exposing the most complete picture of what all successful law students do to achieve results at the top of their class. For the first time ever, science and law intersect to bring you the 9-Step Study process for success in law school. Get after it!

  • You Need a Study Process that Applies to Every Law Student, Every Law School, Every Class

    Regardless of who you are or which law school you attend, this study process is scientifically proven to work for you because it explains what successful law students do to get the same results you currently seek. We explain where your professor’s preference is essential, but the actual study process remains the same across the board. Period. In addition to explaining the study steps in the students’ own words, Nine Steps provides the successful students’ explanation of how each study step leads to an understanding of course material and ultimate success in your course. These three components are the powerful trifecta for each step in the process.

  • You Need a Study Process that Is Easy to Follow

    The 9-Step Study Process starts before the semester begins and takes you all the way up to your final exams. Or you can also jump in and employ any step at any time during your semester. If you can follow clear, step by step instructions and you want to save time by letting us do the hard work of leading you through the process, you’ll love our system. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your success.

  • You Need a Comprehensive Study Process

    Other programs and books teach study skills as separate pieces of the puzzle, making it difficult to put skills together in a process and even harder to know how to start the study process. 9-Steps is the only all-inclusive step-by-step study process on the market in legal education. Our owner has invested her entire career in legal education on providing a complete study process so students can move forward with confidence and we wouldn’t dare leave you hanging to put each skill together on your own.

  • You Need a Study Process that Resonates with You,
    in Your Unique Position as a Law Student

    While we adore our support systems, our scientific research confirms that nobody understands law students better than fellow law students. The 9-Step study process is taken straight from the mouths of other successful law students who value succeeding in law school just as much as you. You’ll connect immediately with 9-Steps and won’t waste any of your precious time deciphering which person or professor has the best studying advice (we know there is a lot of advice out there). Take it straight from the best source.

  • You Need the 9-Step Study Process Because Law Schools Don't Teach You Study Skills

    Law schools focus on teaching you the law to pass the bar and often expect you to figure out how to study on your own. Since studying in law school is unlike any experience you’ve ever had before, we’ve made the skills in the study process so clear that they become intuitive to you.

  • You Need a Study Process that Naturally Fits
    in Your Weekly Calendar

    Now that you’ve decided you want to succeed in law school and you understand the 9-Steps, we show you how to implement each study step into a weekly calendar. You’ll know which weeks of your semester are busier and you’ll do several specific steps each week to ensure the work doesn’t snowball into all-nighters before the midterm and the final exam. Effective time management means less stress and you sleep at night, knowing you gave 100% to the tasks you scheduled each day. Yes, please!

  • You Need a Study Process You Can Modify to
    Fit Your Own Needs

    Depending on your study skill set and where you are in your law school career, you can either adopt the entire study process or assess which steps your current study process lacks and modify your study process to reach your full potential.

Who Can Benefit from the 9-Step Study Process
Hi, I'm Lisa

When I first started law school, I studied an insane number of hours every week. Despite spinning my wheels, I was placed on academic probation and given one semester to either figure out how to succeed in law school or risk being kicked out. During my probationary semester, I realized that I was doing all of the steps to succeed but I was ineffective in completing the steps in a linear manner that would save time and eliminate my stress. I changed my study process, I got off probation, my GPA began to increase every semester, I graduated with high honors and I passed the California Bar Exam on my first attempt. I’ve been practicing law going on two decades now and I am honored to own and operate my own law firm with my husband (and partner), and we’ve graciously helped thousands of people through difficult legal matters. I proudly hang my probation letter next to my Juris Doctorate and my license to practice law on my office wall.

I knew I had special knowledge that could help students like me or successful students who knew they were capable of more, so, after practicing about six years, also became a law professor and ultimately, Director of Academic Success & Bar Preparation at an ABA accredited law school in Southern California. I spent the next twelve years passionately teaching students and other law professors around the country, how to study in law school.

In an effort to give my students something more than my own studying experience, I spent two of those years conducting a qualitative phenomenological study with successful law students to uncover exactly what they did to succeed in law school.

Using scientific methods, I recorded and interpreted all of the steps in each students’ study process until I had the most comprehensive picture of what could be done to succeed. I am so grateful and thrilled to deliver the results of my empirical research to you in my book, Nine Steps to Law School Success and in Law School Success Institute’s program offerings. I believe YOU can succeed, with every fiber of my being.

Lisa M. Blasser, Esq. Owner & CEO, Law School Success Institute
Author of Nine Steps to Law School Success
Co-Owner & Managing Partner, Blasser Law, P.C.

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