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Hi, I’m Lisa

Lisa BlasserWhen I first started law school, I studied an insane number of hours every week. Despite spinning my wheels, I was placed on academic probation and given one semester to either figure out how to succeed in law school or risk being kicked out. During my probationary semester, I realized that I was doing all of the steps to succeed but I was ineffective in completing the steps in a linear manner that would save time and eliminate my stress. I changed my study process, I got off probation, my GPA began to increase every semester, I graduated with high honors and I passed the California Bar Exam on my first attempt. I’ve been practicing law going on two decades now and I am honored to own and operate my own law firm with my husband (and partner), and we’ve graciously helped thousands of people through difficult legal matters. I proudly hang my probation letter next to my Juris Doctorate and my license to practice law on my office wall.

I knew I had special knowledge that could help students like me or successful students who knew they were capable of more, so, after practicing about six years, also became a law professor and ultimately, Director of Academic Success & Bar Preparation at an ABA accredited law school in Southern California. I spent the next twelve years passionately teaching students and other law professors around the country, how to study in law school.

In an effort to give my students something more than my own studying experience, I spent two of those years conducting a qualitative phenomenological study with successful law students to uncover exactly what they did to succeed in law school.

Using scientific methods, I recorded and interpreted all of the steps in each students’ study process until I had the most comprehensive picture of what could be done to succeed. I am so grateful and thrilled to deliver the results of my empirical research to you in my book, Nine Steps to Law School Success and in Law School Success Institute’s program offerings. I believe YOU can succeed, with every fiber of my being.

Lisa M. Blasser, Esq.

Owner & CEO, Law School Success Institute
Author of Nine Steps to Law School Success
Co-Owner & Managing Partner, Blasser Law, P.C.

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